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We have chosen to build a small brewery and winery because it fosters exploration, and creativity, and allows us to be ingredient-driven. We have grown many of our own ingredients, and focus on local, organic, and even forage for ingredients.

While we celebrate many classic styles and cultural traditions, we refuse to be contained or restricted by convention. We strive to blur, erase, and rewrite the lines that define the style, beer, wine, cider, and our own expectations.

At Garden Grove, we largely avoid bottling and distribution. Proponents of small-batch wine and craft beer have recognized the immeasurable quality that is possible when the ingredients are grown by the producer, the beverages are never under harsh storage or transportation conditions, and are served fresh at the source. Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery bring wines and beers crafted under those perfect conditions directly to Richmond, VA.

Our extensive barrel fermentation and aging program exclusively use French and American oak wine barrels. All of our barrels are used and previously-stored either Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, or Chardonnay. We barrel age our beers anywhere from 1 month to over 1 year, producing truly one-of-a-kind results.


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Balance begins with a healthy harmony between our brewery, environment, and community. From there our obsession with a recipe, quality of ingredients, and attention to craft takes over. Respect is paid to every component with the goal of a perfect marriage and an extraordinary beer.

Passion inspires our experience. A taste can evoke the past and stimulate contemplation, reminding us of the distinct flavors of the world’s great beers, wines, botanicals, fruits, and cuisine. We cherish these experiences and are inspired to share them. Passion drives us further and further into the art of craft brewing and the infinite possibilities of fermentation.

Sustainability is not a choice. Our production must have a neutral impact on the environment because, without clean water, healthy soil, and fruitful plants-there is no beer, cider, mead, or wine.