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Virginia's Capital has its first brewery & winery in its history. Garden Grove Brewing Company & Urban Winery is Richmond's first production facility to serve its customers both beer and wine in one location.

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News | Jul 13, 2017 · Mike Brandt

Sour Saison w/ Autumn Olive Berries

We crafted a Saison brewed with the invasive species Autumn Olive’s berries. Garden Grove believes it is vital for the individual to adopt practices that supports the world that supports us. Autumn Olive is an aggressive invasive species that transforms landscapes to mono culture.  Once where a diverse field existed offering habitat and food for native animals becomes overrun with Autumn Olive Shrubs.  Autumn Olive is spread through it seeds contained in its very sour berries.  We have reduced the potential number of seeds by collecting them and crafting a delicious sour Saison.

This beer was specially crafted for our Charity beer and wine dinner supporting the vital work being done by VCU’s River Rice Center.  It will be held at Garden Grove on August 28th, 2017.

Field being overtaken by Autumn Olive




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