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Balance. Passion. Sustainability.

Garden Grove Brewing Company is on a mission to channel our immeasurable creativity into extraordinary beer. Even as the target moves with every new batch, our foundation is rooted in balance, passion and sustainability. This informs our business, guides our brewing, and reflects who we are at the core.

Balance begins with a healthy harmony between our brewery, environment and community.  From there our obsession with recipe, quality of ingredients, and attention to craft takes over. Respect is paid to every component with the goal of a perfect marriage and an extraordinary beer.

Passion inspires our experience. A taste can evoke the past and stimulate contemplation, reminding us of distinct flavors of the world’s great beers, wines, botanicals, fruits and cuisine. We cherish these experiences and are inspired to share them.  Passion drives us further and further into the art of craft brewing and the infinite possibilities of fermentation.

Sustainability is not a choice.  Our production must have a neutral impact on the environment because without clean water, healthy soil, and fruitful plants-there is no beer.

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